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Why Do Shingles Turn Black and Streaky

Throughout the course of your homes life, you may have noticed that your roof has started to look darker and darker. Eventually, streaks form from those darker areas, ruining the look of your home. Due to this, you may ask yourself Why Do Shingles Turn Black and Streaky? The answer might be more simple than you expect.

So Why Do Shingles Turn Black and Streaky?

Why Do My Shingles Turn Black and Streaky

The reason why shingles turn black and streaky is because of the algea, bacteria, and other undesirable gunk that builds up on your roof top. Now you may think that this would be as simple as washing off your roof. However, it requires more thought and planning. This is because the bacteria and plant life creating the streaks often turn hard, filling in the tiny spaces between your shingles. This requires a special tools and chemicals to completely remove. Florian has trained our certified crews for the proper application of the tools and chemicals, so that way your black streaks disappear. So now that we have answered the question, “Why Do Shingles Turn Black and Streaky” you may wonder how to get rid of them. This is where Florian comes in. But how exactly can Florian help you?

How can Florian Help?

Our crew comes out with the latest skids and equipment to adapt to the individual needs of each job. We start by providing a firm, free, no obligation estimate and examine every aspect of your project. While we provide the estimate. Our trained, certified crew will additionally examine for sensitive areas around your exterior to ensure no damage is done. Once our crew completes your job, they will walk you through the project, ensuring satisfaction and a 5 star experience.

Are you ready for your estimate?

Give Florian a call at 317-795-6409 today to schedule your estimate at a time that works for you! Are you unable to call? Florian would still love to hear from you! Contact us online here! We would love to show you our previous work transforming exterior surfaces! Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see the latest from Florian. We look forward to serving you!

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