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Keeping your homes exterior looking beautiful and clean is important for many reasons. First, maintaining the cleanliness of the exterior reflects on the interior of the home. Secondly, proper exterior cleaning, such as window cleaning helps preserve the longevity of your home. Dust, debris, and other undesirable junk build up in the cracks and spaces in your homes exterior, leading to damage. However, if properly cleaned and maintained, this will save money, time, and frustration through the course of your home’s life. One of the simplest ways revive the appearance of your home is through window cleaning. Florian has the proper tools, knowledge, and price to make your window cleaning experience great and simple. But what separates Florian from the rest of the competition? Keep reading to see how Florian can tackle your Window Cleaning needs!

Window Washing

Can I Get a Free Estimate for My Window Cleaning?

The answer? Yes! We are always happy to provide a free estimate. Our trained crew will arrive with the latest skids with equipment to adjust to the specific needs of your window cleaning job. What are some of the highlights of our service?

  • Our Certified Exterior Cleaning Crew will walk your home or property and examine all the details.
  • Upon completion of the walkaround, our Certified Crew Chief will provide an estimate, along with any other expert recommendations to keep your home or property in tip-top shape!
  • We prep the area we’ll be working in by covering electrical outlets and protecting plants in work zone. Any specialty requests for protecting areas can be discussed before work begins!
  • When we’re done, we’ll perform a walkthrough showing you what we’ve completed, and answering any additional questions.

Florian is additionally firefighter and locally owned. While we always strive to provide a 5 star service, Florian also understands that the cost of your window washing service is important as well. The cost of your service will be given before Florian begins so there are no surprises. But how much in general does it cost for your window cleaning?

So How Much Does it Cost for My Window Cleaning Service?

Our minimum window cleaning service is $225 as a single service. Your rate is based per window, and difficulty of cleaning each window. This will be determined once our crew performs your free, in person estimate. Grid windows may incur additional charges due to increased time to properly clean.

You may wonder if there are any surcharges. A fee of $1 per screen will be applied for screens removed and replaced by Florian Exterior Cleaning. Any additional fees will be mentioned before we begin!

Note: Please note Florian is not responsible for faulty or failing seals, rotten or already damaged frames, damaged or rotted screens, or any other pre-existing conditions beyond our control. We will do our best to point these out before we begin work, but we will not always catch them ahead of time.

If Florian is providing another exterior cleaning service, the minimum for window cleaning is reduced to $150. This means you can bundle and save! You can learn more about our pressure washing, roof washing, gutter cleaning, and soft washing services here!

Ready for a Free Quote for your Window Cleaning?

Give Florian a call for a free, firm, no obligation estimate for your Window Cleaning! Unable to call? We have you covered! Click here to contact us online! Florian understands that seeing is believing. Want to see how Florian has transformed other homes? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see the latest from the team! Florian looks forward to serving you and earning your business!

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