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Soft Washing

Soft Washing

Not everything requires the hammer approach! This is where soft washing comes in to help. Certain surfaces just won’t stand up to the high pressures a pressure washer puts out. It will scar it or remove it’s finishes. Soft washing uses a balancing act of cleaning agents and finesse to reach the desired results. Not sure if you need soft washing or pressure washing? Don’t sweat it! Our expert technicians know exactly what method to use.

What is the Florian Difference for Your Soft Washing Project?

You’ll notice as soon as we arrive that our equipment is top of the line. We use custom built skids that provide just the right tool for the job. Our exterior cleaning expert technicians can quickly switch between using cleaning agents or water, and using high pressure or low pressure.

Deck Soft Washing

High pressure can permanently damage composite,T rex, or wood decking. We will use our deck cleaning solution and low pressure to remove all of the algae and organic staining from the composite decking without the use of damaging high pressure.

*Some older style composite decking (Trex) will lighten in color significantly after cleaning. Some decks may even show white specks or spots after cleaning. This is due to wood fragments mixed in to the composite (they do not make them like this anymore due to this result) and is, unfortunately, unavoidable when properly cleaned with a mild soap and low pressure.

Fence Soft Washing

We start with low pressure, soft washing for wood surfaces. However, if you’re prepping the fence to be re-stained, you can request power washing that may strip some of the old stain and paint off. This is not a true stripping method, but may help the process along. Please let us know if there is a water spigot that we should NOT use prior to this service.

House Soft Washing

High pressure should never be used to wash your home. We use less 75% less pressure to gently soap and rinse your house, safely removing algae, mildew and dirt. Our method eliminates the risk of damage due to excessive pressure, reduces the likelihood of water being forced behind your siding and all but eliminates the chances of loose paint being removed during the cleaning process.

Soft washing is the safe alternative to pressure washing. Using our house wash solution along with a high volume/low pressure method can emulsify dirt, break down bug nests and webs. We can also kill mold, mildew, algae, bacteria and sanitize the surface we are cleaning. Soft washing won’t permanently damage surfaces the way high pressure does.

How Much Will My Soft Washing Job Cost?

Florian’s rate is based on square footage and does not include hand rails, steps, or underside of deck. Only the walking surface. Heavy soils and contaminants may incur additional charges. Additionally, the rate for painted wood or stained wood material is based on linear footage and soil/contaminant levels as well. The rate is per side (double to wash both sides). Heavier soils and contaminants may incur additional charges.

Our minimum fence wash rate as an individual service is $225. The rate is based on Painted Wood/Hardi Board material and is based on square footage and soil/contaminant levels. Heavier soils and contaminants may incur additional charges.

I’m Ready for My Free Estimate!

We can not wait to assist you! Whenever you are ready, call us at 317-795-6409 to get a firm, free, no obligation estimate. Once our crew arrives, they will examine your soft washing project, and determine what your specific job will require, making sure to examine for sensitive areas before they begin. Unable to call? Contact us online here to get a quote online! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Florian looks forward to being able to serve you!

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