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Pressure Washing

You take pride in your home. From interior to exterior, you take the time and spend the money needed to enhance your homes appearance, and increase the longevity of your space. But there are some needs that just can’t be accomplished on your own. This is where Florian Exterior Cleaning comes in! We are ready to tackle your Pressure washing project and anything else you might need. But what separates us from everyone else?

Why Choose Florian for Your Pressure Washing Service?

Pressure Washing

The most well known of exterior cleaning is pressure washing. However, this term simplifies the process a bit too much. If you’ve ever done pressure washing yourself, you know detail matters here. Too much or too little pressure, too much or too little heat, too much or too little cleaning agent and you can see the stark contrast between the two. At Florian, our expert techs know just the right balance between all of these pieces to get the job done right. From your concrete driveway, to your wood deck, and from your vinyl siding and brick facade, our team will balance it just right to ensure we leave you feeling satisfied with our work.

So what are some of the highlights of our service?

  • Florians Certified Crew will walk your home or property and examine all the details.
  • Upon completion of the walkaround, you will be provided a free, firm, no obligation estimate, along with any other expert recommendations to keep your home or property in the best condition possible!
  • All areas that we’ll be working in will be examined for sensitive spots. Florian protects these areas by covering electrical outlets and protecting plants in the work zone. Any specialty requests for protecting areas are encouraged to be mentioned before work begins!
  • When we’re done, we’ll perform a walkthrough showing you what we’ve completed, and answering any additional questions.

You’ll notice as soon as we arrive that our equipment is top of the line. We use custom built skids that provide just the right tool for the job. Our exterior cleaning expert technicians can quickly switch between using cleaning agents or water, and using high pressure or low pressure. Additionally, Florian is firefighter and locally owned, so you can have peace of mind that Florian understands your needs, and will talk to you as a neighbor, not a large corporation.

How Much Will My Pressure Washing Cost?

At the end of the day, it is important to know just how much your pressure washing job will cost. This is why Florian provides a free in person estimate; so you know just how much it will be! But you may wonder in general the cost.

Our pressure washing rate is based on total square foot. Heavy soils and contaminants may incur additional charges. Minimum price for concrete cleaning starts at $225. We will remove all algae staining from your concrete using our concrete cleaning solution and professional surface cleaning
equipment. Our concrete cleaning method will completely eliminate the algae and sanitize the surface. This means your concrete will stay cleaner, longer!

Note: Heavy soils and contaminants may incur additional charges. Rust, paint, petroleum, other auto fluids, or any other non-organic stain will not be removed with this process.

What Does the Finished Pressure Washing service look like?

We are glad you asked! Our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter show just a few examples of how Florian can tackle your home exterior cleaning needs, such as pressure washing. In fact, we can even help with your soft washing, roof washing, gutter cleaning, and Window cleaning needs as well! Click here to find out more!

Are you ready for for your firm, free, no obligation estimate? Give us a call at 1-800-WASH-100 to get scheduled for your estimate! Florian looks forward to providing a 5 star pressure washing service that goes beyond your expectations!

Indianapolis Areas We Service

  • Pressure Washing in Avon 
  • Pressure Washing in Brownsburg
  • Pressure Washing in Carmel 
  • Pressure Washing in Fishers 
  • Pressure Washing in Greenwood
  • Pressure Washing in Noblesville 
  • Pressure Washing in Westfield 
  • Pressure Washing in Zionsville 

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