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Power Washing in Indianapolis

Power Washing is a critical tool to keeping your home exterior surfaces looking clean. While it should never be used on your home or more delicate surfaces, Power Washing in Indianapolis can bring your hard surfaces, such as a driveway, concrete patio, or sidewalk back to life. But just how does Power Washing in Indianapolis work?

How Does Power Washing in Indianapolis Work?

Power Washing in Indianapolis

Our crew comes out with the latest skids and tools to adapt to every need for your power washing in Indianapolis. We use power washing for various exterior surfaces, but primarily concrete and asphalt cleaning. Whether it is your patio, steps, driveway, or other surfaces, the composition of the exterior surface is what determines which tactics we will use to perform the service. But what are the differences between concrete and asphalt cleaning?

Concrete Cleaning

Florian bases our rate for concrete power washing in Indianapolis on the total square footage of your exterior cleaning project. If there are any heavy soils and contaminants may incur additional charges.

We will remove all algae staining from your concrete using our concrete cleaning solution and professional surface cleaning equipment. Our specialized tools and cleaning methods means it will completely eliminate the algae and sanitize the surface. Your concrete will stay cleaner, longer!


Just as with concrete, our rate for asphalt power washing in Indianapolis is based on total square foot. Once again, any heavy soils and contaminants may incur additional charges depending on each situation. We will remove all algae staining from your asphalt using our cleaning solution and professional surface cleaning
equipment. Asphalt is a softer material than concrete so we do not use high pressures when cleaning as they can scar the surface.

What is the price for my Power Washing in Indianapolis?

Florian’s minimum price for concrete cleaning starts at $225 with asphalt surfaces starting at $325! The exact price will be determined before your project begins with a free estimate that is provided by our certified crew.

To note:

Our cleaning may still lighten the color of your asphalt and we highly recommend we only clean before it is to be resealed as our cleaning process may strip the original sealer. Rust, paint, petroleum, other auto fluids, or any other non-organic stain will not be removed with this process.

What is the Florian Difference for Power Washing in Indianapolis

Give us a call at 317-795-6409 to get a firm, free, no obligation estimate! After we schedule you at a time that works best for you, The Florian Difference will start to show.

  • Our Certified, experienced crew will walk your home or property and examine every detail of your project.
  • Upon completion of the walkaround, our crew will provide an exact estimate.
  • Before we begin, our crew will prep the project zone we’ll be working in by covering electrical outlets and protecting sensitive plants in work zone. We make sure that any specialty requests are completed before work begins!
  • A walkthrough showing your completed exterior cleaning job will be held by our crew, ensuring we answer any additional questions.

It’s as easy as that! Florian really makes it simple for your Power Washing project in Indianapolis.

Want to see our work? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see how Florian has been able to make a difference with other homes and properties! You will see our other services as well! Including soft washing, Fence washing, and Gutter Cleaning. While we are helping with your pressure washing in Indianapolis, we can look at these other exterior surfaces and provide a free estimate! We look forward to serving you and providing a 5 star experience.

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