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House Washing in Indianapolis

This is where Florian steps in. We are able to take care of your house washing in Indianapolis so you can relax! From start to finish, Florian takes care of the little details of your projects. But how exactly does Florian help with your house washing in Indianapolis?

How Will My House Washing in Indianapolis Be Completed?

Our crew will come out with the latest skids, tools, and necessary tools to complete your job. We start with a firm, free, no obligation estimate! While our certified, trained crew conducts the estimate, they will look for any potential trouble spots, as well as sensitive areas. Your plants and landscaping will be protected to ensure no damage is done! The estimate will help us pinpoint the various details of your job. Some of these include the material your house is made out of.

High pressure should never be used to wash your home. We use 75% less pressure than our power washing services to gently soap and rinse your house, safely removing algae, mildew and dirt. This method gets rid of the risk of damage due to excessive pressure, reduces the likelihood of water being forced behind your siding and all but eliminates any chance of loose paint being removed during the cleaning process.

Soft washing is a safe, powerful counterpoint to pressure washing. We use our house wash solution, along with a high volume/low pressure method that removes dirt, break down bug nests and webs, and kills mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria.

What Materials can you clean?

We base our rate on Brick & Stone, Painted wood, and Vinyl material is based on square footage and soil/contaminant levels. Heavier soils and contaminants may incur additional charges. Our House Washing in Indianapolis service includes cleaning the following surfaces attached to your home: – Siding – Soffit – Gutter Exteriors.

Florian recommends inspecting all doors and windows immediately following our cleaning for any poorly sealed areas or windows doors that were not sealed properly. We use low pressure to avoid pushing water into places that we don’t want it to go. The only time we have an issue with water penetration is when a door or window is not properly sealed. We are not responsible for the home not being water-tight.

Things to note:

* Post-Wash Weep-Hole Stains: Up to several hours after a house soft wash brown stains can appear in some instances. These stains will seem to come from behind the siding (weep-holes) and trim. This is due to our thorough final rinse.

When our rinse water comes in contact with dust, dirt and debris behind siding and trim it can slowly drip out up to several hours after the house has been cleaned. The good news is, even though these “stains” look bad, they typically easily rinse off with a garden hose or rain. Please let us know if you notice Weep-Hole Stains after our service.

Mud dauber nests are often very difficult to completely. While we are able to remove the majority of the nest, it should be expected that there will be some residual staining left behind. Wasp and other bug nests will leave an “anchor” behind after the nest is removed. These anchors will not be removed during our cleaning.

Oxidation removal is not included in this service. (Oxidation is the Chalky Residue found on weathered vinyl and painted surfaces). Oxidation on any surfaces will still exist after our house washing in Indianapolis service is complete.

Artillery Fungus removal is also not included in this service. Artillery fungi discharge spores that look like tiny black dots often found around the exterior of your home, particularly around mulched landscaping.

What is the cost for my House Washing in Indianapolis?

Our pricing for house washing in Indianapolis starts at $225. Some of the factors that influence the price includes how many sides of the house and the level of debris build up. This price will be given with our free, firm, no obligation estimate for your House Washing in Indianapolis.

Ready to Schedule Your Home Washing in Indianapolis?

We are ready to hear from you! Give us a call at 317-795-6409 to get your firm, free, no obligation estimate! Are you unable to call? Contact us online here! We understand that sometimes, seeing is believing. Follow Florian on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see just how Florian can help you with your exterior cleaning needs. We look forward to serving you!

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