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Deck Cleaning in Indianapolis

Have you been looking for Deck Cleaning in Indianapolis? Look no further than Florian Exterior Cleaning!

No matter the time of year, your deck is a focal point of your home. From enjoying hot summer days, grilling with friends, family, and neighbors, to cool fall evenings, watching a sun set, your deck is a central part of your home. However, over time, your deck might start to look old and worn down. How do you bring life back to your deck? Florian is here to help with our deck cleaning services. Our trained crew is ready to help you! But how

How Does Florian Clean My Deck?

Deck Cleaning in Indianapolis

The approach to your deck cleaning in Indianapolis will depend on the deck’s square footage, as well as its material. Composite/Trex decking, as well as wood decks need special care to not damage the material. This is where soft washing comes into play.

High pressure can permanently damage composite, trex, and wood material. That’s why Florian uses our deck cleaning solution, in combination with low pressure to
remove all of the algae and organic staining from the composite decking without the use of damaging high pressure.

Some older style composite decking (Trex) will lighten in color significantly after cleaning. Some decks may even show white specks or spots after we finish the service. This is due to wood fragments mixed in to the composite (they do not make them like this anymore due to this issue) and is, unfortunately, unavoidable when properly cleaned with a mild soap and low pressure.

So now you know how we are able to provide the best Deck Cleaning in Indianapolis. But you may be wondering how much it will cost? Keep reading to find out!

How Much Will My Deck Cleaning Cost?

Florian bases our Deck Cleaning in Indianapolis on the square footage of your deck. Our minimum for deck cleaning starts at $225. The exact price will be determined with a free, in person estimate. Additional costs include the hand rails and railing, the deck steps, and the underside of the deck, and will be discussed during your estimate.

What makes Florian’s Deck Cleaning in Indianapolis Better?

We start by giving you a free, firm, no obligation estimate for your deck cleaning in Indianapolis. Once our trained and certified crew arrives, they will begin by walking through your exterior cleaning projects, taking the time to point out any trouble spots, explain the service, as well as prepare a plan to protect any sensitive areas around the project. During the estimate, we also will see what water spickets are to be used, and determine all logistics.

Once our crew arrives for your Deck Cleaning in Indianapolis, you will notice we use the latest skids, full of all the proper tools needed to adapt to any situation, ensuring we are able to complete your exterior cleaning project. Once we finish, a walkthrough of the completed project will allow you to see the finished work, ensuring we have provided a 5 star service.

Are you ready for a Free Estimate?

Florian is standing by and ready to help you get an estimate for your deck cleaning in Indianapolis! Give us a call at 317-795-6409 today to choose a time that works best for you. Are you unable to call? We have you covered! Send us a message online here, and we will reach out to you!

We always love showing exterior transformations! Follow Florian Exterior Cleaning on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see examples of our work, such as deck cleaning in Indianapolis. Florian looks forward to serving you and providing a 5 star experience!

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