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Fence Cleaning in Indianapolis

Florian is proud to provide Fence Cleaning in Indianapolis! When it comes to your exterior, nothing catches your eye like fencing. Not only does a fence provide a functional purpose of bringing privacy to your family, as well as protection for perhaps a pet, but it adds value to your home. Over time, that shiny, new fence will start to look a little drab. This is how Fence Cleaning in Indianapolis can help!

With a wash, that fence can look good as new, and ready for a new season. Now, while it may seem simple, fence cleaning can be deceptively tricky. This is why it is recommended to hire the experts to get that cleaned.

So How Does Fence Cleaning in Indianapolis work?

Your fence requires a bit more care than one may think. Especially when paint and sealer is considered, one must be careful not to strip these off of the fence. Standard pressure washing can lead to structural damage to the wood, an uneven wear of the boards, or removal of paint and sealant.

We start with low pressure, soft washing for wood surfaces. Soft washing will lighten the wood in the process. Pressure washing is not recommended as it can easily scar or mar the wood face. Please let us know if there is a water spigot that we should NOT use prior to this service.

A perfect example of our attention to detail is with Board on Board fences. They are beautiful, but they add a lot of extra work to ensure they are cleaned properly. Florian does not cut corners anywhere, so we ensure to clean every nook and cranny of your fence. This will include working between each and every board to clean the fence in its entirety.

Now that you know how your fence will be Your Fence Cleaning in Indianapolis will be cleaned, you may wonder just how much it will cost to do so. This is another area where Florian is able to shine through!

So How much will my Fence Cleaning in Indianapolis cost?

Florian bases our rate for your Fence cleaning by linear footage, as well as soil/contaminent levels. The rate is additionally per side, so it would be double to wash both sides of the fence. Any heavier soils and contaminants may incur additional charges. This is why Florian always provides a firm, free, no obligation estimate of your fence cleaning in Indianapolis. But what really is the Florian difference, and why does our fence cleaning in Indianapolis stand out compared to the rest?

Florian Exterior Cleaning is Ready For Your Fence Cleaning in Indianapolis

This is where Florian Exterior Cleaning comes in! Our certified, trained crew will start by providing a free, firm no obligation for your Fence Cleaning in Indianapolis. Once we determine how we can best clean your fence, the crew will come out at their scheduled time, bringing the tools to complete the job in a timely manner.

Our skids allow our crew to switch to the right tool at the right time to make sure your fence cleaning in Indianapolis is complete! Once finished, we will walk you through your project, ensuring satisfaction. What more could you ask for!

Wondering What Else Florian Can Do For You?

We are ready to help you with your Roof, house, and other exterior cleaning! Contact us here, or give us a call at 317-795-6409 to get a free, firm, no obligation estimate. Want to see more? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We always S.T.R.I.D.E to provide the best service, and we look forward to serving you!

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