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How Does Gutter Cleaning Work?

How Does Gutter Cleaning Work? It’s a question you may be asking if you have gutter on your home or property. During the year, typically around the spring, but more importantly around the fall, leaves and other debris begins to fill up gutters. A small amount will not cause long term problems, but continued and consistent build up will. So why should I take the time to clean my gutters (or have them professionally cleaned), and exactly how does gutter cleaning work?

The long term build up of this junk is highly destructive and can lead to long term issues with your house. These include:

How Does Gutter Cleaning Work?

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  • Foundational damage: The buildup in your gutters often leads to overflow. In combination with the location of your gutters, this can lead to irreversible erosion.
  • Wall or ceiling Damage: Without the proper flow of water, the tiny seams in the structure between the gutter and roof can allow for moisture and condensation to build up over time, leading to leaky roofs and water stained walls.
  • Broken gutters: It is much cheaper to take the time to clean your gutters, in comparison to installing brand new gutters.
  • Insect problems: Pooling of water from clogged gutters potentially creates breeding grounds for mosquitos and other pestilent insects

So now that the dangers of ignoring clearing gutters has been addressed, what exactly should you do to clear everything in gutters away?

How to Safely Clean Your Gutters

First, start with the right tools for gutter cleaning. A sturdy ladder, for example, is a must to help prevent hazardous falls. Additionally, gloves help provide grip, as well as protects against the bacteria built up from the sludge. A bucket or tarp will keep the deteriorated leaves and debris collected together.

It is always a good idea to have someone stand at the base of the ladder to stabilize it for safety. Remove all debris from the gutters and place it in the bucket or throw it on the tarp below. Work your way around your home until all gutters are cleared.

But what should you do if everything is too much to handle? Hiring the right team of professionals can be the make or break with your project! The professionals at Florian Exterior Cleaning are here to help make sure that your gutters are safely and efficiently cleaned. We are firefighter owned and operated, so ladder work is second nature to us! Learn more about how to get a free gutter cleaning quote below.

Florian Exterior Cleaning Can Help!

Are you ready to leave the ladder work and cleaning to Florian? We take care of everything for you from start to finish. A free, no obligation estimate helps assess the project, detailing exactly how we will tackle the problem. Soon after, we will come out with a trained, insured crew, fully equipped to efficiently unblock and clean all of the gutters from your first, second, and third story home. To ensure quality, water will be run through all the gutters to double check for any potential clogs.

You can give Florian a call at 1-800-WASH-100 to get a free, firm, no obligation Indianapolis Gutter Cleaning estimate. You can also Contact Us online for a free gutter cleaning quote today! We are always here when you need us. Sit back, and let Florian do the gutter cleaning!

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